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Now not working with Ariel X for awhile was definitely an oversight on my part. She’s a dirty girl with a playfully submissive side. I ran into her at a party last week, she looked stunning. Ariel raised her skirt to show me her ass just in case I had forgotten. An ass like hers, “Yes” it had been too long. A few days later she was standing in front of me naked and I had her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Pulling on them hard. Asking her if she was a dirty girl? Ariel looked up at me, sighed, smiled and said “Yes”. It was the beginning of a very memorable scene… Tight bondage, a suspension (which Ariel loved), ass hole spanking, electrical stimulation, pussy cropping, masturbation of course, and lots and lots of orgasms.

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Nineteen year old Allie James joins us this week… Allie really is the little slut next door. Sweet as pie but there’s not an innocent bone in her hot little body. It was just my luck that Domina Carman was here to help. I met Carman two years ago at the “Kink in the Caribbean” event. Amazing lady. So I thought I’d sit back for the first half and let the two girls play. With such a hot little show going on I had to jump in for the last two scenes. Electro play, bondage, orgasms and Allie just had to take a turn on my fucking machine. Sluts will be sluts…

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Selena Skye is our most recent slut of the week. You’d never guess that this is Selena’s first time being bound or even trying S & M. Who knew she’d love it so much. I would imagine if you’re a tactile slut that likes it rough then you’re a natural. Selena was all smiles as the ropes tightened and nothing but moans as the nipple clamps went on. When you’re a natural pain slut I guess it’s just part of who you are. It’s always good to try new things. Selena with a little help found something new she likes… Bondage orgasms and sweet pain.

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I truly enjoy Dylan, her quick wit, her sense of humor, the way she responds when I give her a command. If you see someone repeated here at Fetish Nation it’s because I personally like playing with them. Orgasm denial is one of my favorite games with her and how big can we make it (Dylan has taken a liking to inflatable dildos). Spank her… flog her… I really like to cane Dylan’s tits. Dylan does not care for this much. Such as life when your bottoming. I do love a woman that keeps coming even after you take the vibrator away. If I were giving out grades, Dylan would receive at least an “A”. I’d give her an “A+” but, hell I never do that.

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I want one… A Jandi Lin that is. That’s how much this dark haired vixen impressed me. I want one of my own. Sexy, very submissive, and brainy. No vapid bimbo here. There is nothing sexier than a woman that says “yes” and know’s what she’s saying. Jandi says “yes” to all, bondage that is tight and restrictive, pussy clamps, nipple torment, flogging and caning, orgasm denial games and has some great earth shattering orgasms. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her just as much as I did.

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Dirty Sheena Shaw joins me this week for an evening of debaucherous pleasure. As Sheena walks in, she flashes me a big smile telling me just how wet she’s been all day thinking about tonight. She needs this, she says. To be bound tight and told what to do. Have her pretty face slapped and have uncontrollable orgasm after orgasm. Sheena needs the release as it’s as much sexual as it is mental. Sheena likes to play the flirt and to tease all the men in the room. What she really craves is to be put in her place, to be taken by the throat, tied up and called a dirty slut. Sheena’s been wet all day at the thought.

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Annabelle is obviously naturally submissive. “Yes, Sir” and “No, Sir” automatically come out of her mouth whenever I ask her a question and she doesn’t hesitate when commanded to do something, like masturbate for the camera. She does it without question. Like presenting her ass when she’s being spanked and flogged. Like staying on her tip toes while being spanked and not letting her heels hit the floor. Like playing those orgasm denial games that I love so much and not accidentally cumming without permission. Strict restraint, a pussy hook, a powerful vibrator and clothespins are used in this game game before I finally allow her to have a good hard bound cum.

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Kelly Wells makes a trip downstairs into the basement. Now I don’t know about you but in my youth that’s where we always took the fairer sex. You know. To try and have our way with. Kelly is just the kind of girl I liked then and like now. Dirty through and through. Spank that ass, call her a cock sucking slut, tie her up (yes in my case I did), and make her cum all between the hours of 3:00pm and 5:00pm. Wink… wink…

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Callie Cobra is a hot dirty California blonde with an all natural figure, a shaved pussy and an appetite for all things dirty. Callie strips out of her bra and panties and her pussy is already wet at the thought of being tied. Her thoughts soon become reality as the ropes tighten around her nubile body and she is rendered completely helpless.

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To know her is to love her or at least lust after her. In the time she’s been away, absence has made the heart grow fonder. Myself and Mz. Berlin take full advantage of Satine’s return back to the US. Bondage, blow jobs, spanking, strap-on sex, and lots of orgasms. Even Berlin gets to cum a time or two.

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We welcome back Christina this week. I asked Christina if she would like to play a game, a game of dirty dancing and BDSM. If she was a good girl and very dirty… I would make her cum all afternoon. Christina smiled, batted her beautiful eyes, laughed and in a very sexy little voice said “Yes, I’d love to”.

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Filthy whore, slut, cum dumpster… All of these names fit little 19 year old Ashlynn Leigh to a T. To say she’s a dirty girl is an understatement. Ashlynn’s that girl at the party that will fuck you just for the asking and take a load in the eye. Why? Because she loves it. She loves everything that’s filthy and depraved.

Hold Ashlynn down, call her a filthy whore and she just smiles back at you and opens her mouth. Ashlynn just started doing bondage 6 month ago and can’t get enough. That helpless feeling turns this little cum slut on. This girls’ orgasms are epic and once they start, they just keep on rolling. Ashlynn screams, laughs, giggles and smiles. Just like always I told Ashlynn to be herself, have fun and just be the little slut that she is. Drenched in sweat and spit, her eye makeup running down the face and cum drunk, Ashlynn did have a big smile on her face as she licked my boots in thanks.

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A story…Yes, a story. After talking to Roxy I wanted to create kind of a story behind this set. Something I don’t always do. I know, but Roxy must have inspired me in some way or I just need to get out more. I told her to picture herself in Paris and particularly Pigalle. That’s the part of Paris that the legendary Moulin Rouge is in, seedy sex shops (lots of seedy sex shops), prostitutes, absinth bars, and cheap hotels. Perfect for the affair. A cheap hotel room, Roxy, some rope and a lazy afternoon of bondage. Roxy strips down to her lingerie, teases and masturbates then she begs to be bound. How can I resist, that’s why we’ve come.

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Jade is truly genuine through and through, her submissive nature, her love of bondage, orgasms, her high tolerance of the pain, and all things kinky. I found out early that rigid restraint or also commonly known as device bondage makes Jade’s pussy very wet, so I decided to see just how much this hungry bondage slut could handle. After a number of orgasms in hard steel, I decide to suspend her from her ankles. She giggles, moans and internalizes the harsh whacks of my cane, flogger, and hand. I fuck her mouth and pussy with rubber cock and then swing her around by her nipples. She endures it like a good slut should and is rewarded by a restrictive rope tie.

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Vanessa Reed was the captain of her high school cheerleading squad and class valedictorian. Good girl gone bad. I don’t think so. How about smart sexy dirty girl that was the captain of her high school cheerleading squad and class valedictorian. Vanessa found her way into bondage a few years ago and has never looked back. She has a strong personality; she even teaches kick boxing. This is one lady you don’t want to fuck with. Smart, sexy and deadly all in one amazing package. Yet grab her by the hair, push that hot little body up against the wall and she turns to jelly. She’s real, as in every orgasm, every look, and every reaction. Vanessa asked me how I wanted her to act. I told her the same thing I’ve told every girl for the past thirteen years “Be you, be yourself”.

Vanessa chirps when she cums and to my surprise, she cums quick. Bondage has that effect on her. She’s so wet and so turned on at being restrained that she says she can’t help herself. She is the hot little cheerleader you always wanted to tie up and do dirty things to. Vanessa Reed is that one.

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