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Filed under : Fetish Nation on February 27, 2011

Cherry Torn is back with us this week and the reason being is that I wanted to play with her myself. She just looked like so much fun and you know, I was right, Cherry is my kind of girl. Her bright hazel eyes and sunny disposition do nothing to hide the fact that she’s […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on February 24, 2011

In The Archive department. – Natalie Minx fell in love with bondage and D.S. play years ago and we are lucky enough to work with her again. First she’s tied bent in half with her ass up in the air and her pretty face at her knees. She smiles, she pouts, and stays very still […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on February 23, 2011

The super sexy Gia DeMarco and the very luscious Ms. Giggles are on the menu this week. I had Gia booked to shoot and to my surprise who showed up out of the blue but Giggles. She had had just stopped by to say hi. Not wanting to let this opportunity slip by I quickly […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on February 20, 2011

Sub Darling takes center stage this week along with her incredible ability to suffer through tough back bending bondage. Darling is also one of the queens of the orgasm and able to orgasm in any situation she’s placed in from hard bondage, to orgasming from pain, to cumming on command. Darling really is a little […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on February 16, 2011

Jean Bardot and Eden Wells grace our electronic pages this week. Two stunning latex clad beauty’s hard at play. It had been a awhile since I’d worked with Jean and I can’t remember the last time I shot Eden. Jean comes to L.A. a couple times a year and on this trip I thought I’d […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on February 11, 2011

Luna Lux enthusiastically offers herself, body and mind as this week’s update. Luna, a lifestyle switch, has been playing in the scene for the last three years and until now it has been for private play and stage shows. Luna as of late decided to take the next step forward and share her play with […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on February 8, 2011

Sexy Sophia joins us this week to learn the ropes as it were. At just 18 years old Sophia has little if no experience with BDSM let alone anything else. She’s been lying in bed fantasizing and masturbating about being restrained and today those fantasies are going to come true. As I’ve said before be […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on February 3, 2011

Roxanne Hall joins us for her second visit here at Fetish Nation. I wanted to get her back as soon as possible because I enjoyed her so much the first time she was here. Roxanne’s a pan slut, sharp intense pain. She eats it like the rest of us eat candy. I think she would […]

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