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Filed under : Fetish Nation on March 26, 2011

Dirty Milf Heidi Hanson joins for her second visit to FetishNation this week. Heidi’s first and only experience with bondage and BDSM was on her last trip here and since then she’s been dyeing to come back and play. Once you give someone as dirty as Heidi a taste of pleasure mixed with pain, plus […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on March 19, 2011

Shannon Kelly’s a needy little slut. “Fill me up”, she said. “I want to be DP ‘d !” “I’ve never done that.” So, to help Shannon down that road of perversion, I hooked her up with an overly large glass butt plug, a nice size dildo and just because I know Shannon’s a big old […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on March 18, 2011

Mary Jane has the most incredible legs and I always enjoy working with her. Her pin-up style, her grace, beauty and that wicked little smile she gets is just sexy. I could shoot her and all most forget to tie her up. You literally have to take the camera away from me. I get so […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on March 12, 2011

There’s hot and then there’s Emily Addison hot! This little sex kitten pleasure slut is all about the orgasm in bondage. Tie up Emily and she purr’s. Add just a little pain and she screams. There is a fine balancing act between pleasure and pain with Emily, more than most. Her beautiful body so sensitive […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on March 5, 2011

Chloe Night aka Goddess Chloe joins us this week on There’s something that’s just so satisfying about playing with a Pro Dom. Pay back is a bitch and when Chloe wanted to go down the rabbit hole as a bottom, I wanted to be there to fill need. By strict definition that would make […]

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