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Filed under : Fetish Nation on October 29, 2011

Maia Davis joins us this week for her very first time in bondage. I shot a her girlfriend a few weeks ago. Maia got turned on and perved out just hearing about the shoot and just had to come by and give BDSM a try. Maia came in the door all smiles and excited. “This […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on October 27, 2011

Brandy Laine came by the Fetish Nation studio as she was in desperate need of some quality playtime. All work and no play makes Brandy a very sad lady. So she gave me a call and asked if I could change all that. Bondage and orgasms is what she was asking for and I most […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on October 23, 2011

It seems 2011 has been the year for first time girls. I’ve had more women wanting to try bondage for the very first time than any time in the last 12 years. This week Arial Rose is no exception. She a tiny little thing with a smoking hot body. She giggles a lot and is […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on October 21, 2011

For our pleasure and her own, Heidi Hanson is taken to a place of tight restraint, heightened sexual awareness and stillness. There’s nothing quite like bondage in the human experience. The submission that generally goes along with the act can be quite profound. Even in the simplest of ties I’ve seen can cause one have […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on October 15, 2011

With the face of an angel and just in her early 20’s, Jade is busy exploring her kinky side. She’s discovered she has a taste for sex, bondage, BDSM, and just being an all around dirty girl. I help her indulge in her new found passions, yet they have been long time fantasies. Latex. Bondage. […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on October 9, 2011

That Hot little piece of ass Sheena Shaw joins us for her second visit to FetishNation. I had such a great time with her on her first visit and found out the feeling was mutual. I wanted her back a.s.a.p. Now Sheena go’s there. For being new to bondage and S&M play she go’s deep. […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on October 6, 2011

Eden and Natali act out a kinky role play with Natali as an oversexed patient and Eden as a sex therapist. After Natali confesses her love of all things kinky and sexual, Eden treats her with her unique Aversion Therapy. The concept is that the more times Eden helps Natali cum during the session, the […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on October 1, 2011

Callie Cobra is on the menu this week. A little 20 year old gone bad. This sweet young thing decided she wanted to try bondage and ended up here. The sexual appetite of youth along with curiosity must have driven her to it. I asked her if she had ever been tied up before and […]

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