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Veronica Jett. What a pouty little thing she is and a screamer, too. We don’t need the authorities called, now, do we? Fortunately, my neighbors are used to it. Spank Veronica’s ass, slap her in the face, she gets the most adorable pouty look on her face. It’s almost a cross between a pout and […]

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Self proclaimed bondage slut Alsana Sin clad in rubber, bound and electrified in this super stylized photo set.

Filed under : Fetish Nation on December 25, 2011

Sybil Hawthorne is on the menu this week. This sweet, soft spoken slut, is a well trained slut and by nature very submissive. She has that creamy white skin you can’t wait to mark and the kind of flesh you want to sink your teeth into. Today she is in the very capable hands of […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on December 17, 2011

January Seraph is back with us once again in the drivers seat and brought with her, her very slutty little fuck toy friend friend Ela Darling to play with and play they did. I love it when they bring there own toys. Today I get to sit back and watch these two go at it. […]

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Mary Jane is a bondage pin-up, the wet dreams of my youth come to life. John Willie’s definitely had an influence on my sexual awakening to all things fetish. And Mary Jane can, will, and does encompass them all. She’s sweet and vulnerable yet in her bondage sexy and powerful all at the same time. […]

Filed under : Fetish Nation on December 11, 2011

Pain Slut Sheena Shaw is back with us this week. Sheena is fast becoming one of my favorite girls to play with. She’s devastatingly sexy, moves like a cat and has developed quite the taste for pain and bondage. “I’m wet”, Sheena says as she walks through the door. “I normally masturbate in the car […]

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Vicky VanWarren – Spit on the ground and she’ll lick it up. Humiliate her, she loves it. She’s a quintessential dirty girl that just can’t say no. I spank her ass hard! There is no request for a warm up. She takes it! Tough and intense is what’s on the menu today, heavy bdsm play. […]

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Maxine had never been brought to orgasm on video before. I was ready to change all that with the help of Eden Wells. This woman is too hot not to watch cum. So after Maxine is bound and gagged, Eden works her over with a vibrator. Maxine is so nervous about cuming on camera that […]

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